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【Martin Lee – APAC Pro的成功分享】

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「When I first applied, I wasn’t aware of the amount of preparation needed. From writing the personal statement to preparing for admission tests and interviews, failure in any of those stages may cause me to lose the offer.
Understandably, I was very stressed at the time as I had no experience with university preparation and didn’t know where to start. It was only after I began to have lessons with Jonathan where he gave me advice on where to start and how to improve that I began to get hold of what I needed to do.
During the first few weeks of lessons where we were drafting the personal statement, I encountered many problems structuring my ideas to show my interest in the subject. Fortunately, Jonathan was always able to help me out, and in the end, we could write a high-quality personal statement.
After that, we started to prepare for the admission tests and the interviews, which were vital for getting an offer. Jonathan was able to teach me the required concepts as well as skills to answer the questions effectively.
Ultimately, I was lucky enough to get offers from my dream schools. I am very grateful for all the help that was given to me.」
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