Since 1996


Year 12–13 (Hong Kong F.6)
Ages 16+

Diploma courses are practical courses designed to equip pupils with skills for employment. They also provide pupils access to degrees at college or university. There is a huge range of subjects to choose from, including Business, Art, Design, Fashion, Music Performance, Animal Care, IT, Hospitality, Cosmetics and Beauty, Hospitality, Catering and Travel and Tourism.

This is an increasing popular choice for students who want to progress to university, but who do not excel in academic subjects or examinations, or for pupils who want to concentrate on a particular subject area, e.g. Art, Computing, Music. (Around half of all UK pupils entering university have taken alternative qualifications to A Levels). Some pupils study these courses because they hope to pursue a vocational career and many diploma courses are available at different levels, catering to pupils’ needs and abilities.

Hartpury College

Sussex Downs College

Grantham College

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