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April Mui

Office Manager

I joined Coopers & Coopers in 2001. I provide a comprehensive set of services to parents and their children. These include assisting in finding the best and most appropriate schools for each pupil, helping with school applications, invigilating entrance examinations, arranging school interviews on the Internet, assisting with travel arrangements and airport pick-ups, etc. I also handle university applications.

Over the last 20 years, I have helped thousands of pupils to go to study at UK schools and colleges. Many progress to UK universities, while some return to Hong Kong for university.
I’m always interested to hear from parents how their children are doing in the UK. I feel that I have in a little way helped them to achieve. This feeling of satisfaction helps to keep me motivated.
I have attended the weddings and 100-day birthday parties of two of our alumni. I am so happy to witness pupils growing from adolescence all the way to parenthood.
Coopers has been recruiting pupils for 25 years We have excellent relationships with a large number of UK schools and colleges. They appreciate that we help make their task of finding suitable pupils and that we make the entrance procedures easier for them. Our consultants have personally visited most of the schools and have met there many of our pupils.
Almost all Coopers’ staff have been with the firm many years. Everyone is experienced in their role and there is a good team spirit. I therefore should like to thank all Coopers’ staff.
Finally, I would like to thank Mr. & Mrs. Cooper, who nurtured and managed the company for so many years. They helped to make Coopers a famous education agency and have recruited and trained a group of employees with a sense of mission!
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Nelson Chen

Operations Officer

I met Helen and Graeme Cooper and joined this company by chance. I had always received their teaching and guidance. Before doing anything need to be more cautious and considerate the others. Therefore, this small company won the trust of parents and students. It changes to a bigger company from only two employees at the beginning. It also occupies a position in the UK overseas education market. With certain understanding of the British educational system, I become more mature and can work independently. I can confidently answer the questions from parents and students and gain their trust.

I have seen a series of dramas comparing the human body to a container. If you want your children to be what you expect in the future, you need to put appropriate elements into them as they grow up. If you want your children to be able to speak multiple languages in the future, they will need to absorb elements of different languages from a young age; and if you want your children to become a comprehensive person, you need to put them in a place that can cultivate comprehensive element development. Let them get adequate nutrition and irrigation, so that they can grow up sturdily, look at the world, and be more independent in the future. This is one reason why some parents send their children to study abroad.

There are many stages in life. As an education consultant, it is like a guardian angel helping parents and students find a suitable school, accompany them to tide over one difficulty after another, and grow up vigorously. I am proud to be able to see some students who are stubborn and lack self-confidence. After the baptism of British education, they become a young man with big vision, fine mind and full of confidence in themselves. It is for this reason that I have been here for more than 20 years.

Looking forward to the days ahead, I can expand the scope of my work, protect more of you in need, and let everyone work together to create a better tomorrow for the new generation.

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Suzanna Tam

Senior Education Consultant

The types and styles of each school are different. When visiting schools and students in the UK, although most schools have large, beautiful and well-equipped environments. Therefore, the education consultant must have a certain understanding of each school. This is the experience we are talking about.

The resources provided by British boarding schools are abundant. The students learn and grow happily under the care by the teachers, so that they can learn a lot of knowledge in school and greatly increase their knowledge.

The students will flourish at a British boarding school. The Parents do not need to worry about arranging their children's daily itineraries and worry about their studies and conduct every day. The Students don’t have to be busy every day for some reason. British schools provide a comprehensive education, and teachers will create their own path for each student.

The students I have met in the past have their differences. Base on their grades, personality and hobbies, I will choose the right school for them according to these differences.

Parents may never have experience in choosing a school or too much information from outside makes them very confused. There are too many schools in the UK. I can say that residents born and raised in the UK will not fully know the situation of all schools or which schools are suitable. For their own children, it is recommended that parents can find an experienced consultant to find a suitable school for their children.

Finally, I am very grateful to my parents and students for their trust. Thank you for sharing after enrollment, so that I have a better understanding of the school situation. Every time I see my students come back when they are on vacation, it is just a semester. They have changed a lot, and many of them have become happy and confident.

I have been an education consultant for more than ten years. Every time I understand the background of the students, and treat them like my children. I will find a school that is really suitable for them. Therefore, I treat them carefully in every case and matching a right school for them.

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