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Welcome to Coopers & Coopers Ltd (UK Educational Advisors).  We are one of the most renowned education agents in Hong Kong.  Twenty-three years ago, my wife Helen and I started this agency.  Since then Coopers & Coopers Ltd has helped successfully placed more than 3,500 Hong Kong and Mainland pupils into UK boarding schools and colleges.  Amongst our advantages are a personalized service suiting each family’s needs, experienced and knowledgeable professional staff, assistance through every step of the admission process, and excellent relationships with an extensive number of boarding schools and colleges.

We provide a personalized service guided to your child’s abilities and needs, as we know each child’s personality, abilities and needs are unique.  If you bring your child to see us, an interviewer will have a friendly chat with the child to learn more about their background, achievements and ambitions.   Our consultants will sit down with you and your child to discuss your wants, budget and requirements.    Once we have agreed a study plan with you, we shall give you some schools’ profiles.  To help you decide which schools to choose, we give you whatever information you request, such as the school’s examination results, the latest inspection report, the number of Chinese pupils in the school, etc.  We know each school’s strength, not just how good are its examination results, though this is important, but also how good is it at, for example, pastoral care or at each extra-curricular activity.

To provide such a service our consultants need extensive experience dealing with UK schools and colleges.  Most have been with us over fifteen years.   Unlike most other education agencies, Coopers & Coopers concentrates on just UK boarding schools and colleges, so we are known as the boarding school specialists.   Our staff are all personable and speak fluent English, Cantonese and Putonghua.

Because of this expertise, Coopers & Coopers have a 99% success rate in obtaining UK student visas.  Parents satisfied with our service refer over two-thirds of our pupils.  

Coopers & Coopers has an excellent relationship with around 400 UK boarding schools and colleges.  We have personally visited most of them and met their staff when they have been in Hong Kong.  Their staff say that they find us professional and easy to work with.  Many say we provide them with much more information about each applicant than other agencies, enabling the schools to make a more informed decision about whether they think their child will succeed at their school.  Almost all schools entrust us to invigilate their entrance examinations in our office.  

Our consultants can guide you through the whole admissions process from choosing which schools to apply, helping complete application forms, invigilating entrance examinations, arranging Skype interviews, assisting in applying for visas, advising on which subjects the child should study, finding guardians, making travel arrangements, etc.  Many parents do not need us once their child has settled in at the school.  However, throughout the time their child is at the school, the parents can always rely on us to help them should they have any problems or concerns.

This booklet serves to guide parents and their children to choose the right school and to inform them about our bespoke guidance during the school application process.  I hope you find this 2020 UK Schools Study Guide/Booklet informative and useful.  

For more information and enquiries, please contact our education advisors at email or phone us to arrange an appointment. 

Graeme Cooper


About Mr. Graeme Cooper - Brief Profile

Graeme Cooper studied at independent schools and a government college in the UK. He has a Master’s Degree from Oxford University and is a qualified chartered accountant. He has excellent relationships with UK schools and colleges

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